Satin + Bubble Wrap ≠ New Confusion

An Exhibition by Eden Rae and Angel Trevino

On view from 12/7-1/12

“The audience longs to derive a deeper meaning, a conclusion or connection, from the materials with the same enthusiastic candor as the artist. They crave an interaction between the artist’s thoughts and their ideas– does the art truly benefit from that notion?

The viewer works independently from the artist. They are allowed to process the work based on their environment and the current socio-political climate, while the piece is restricted and constrained to their standards– some invisible parameters. Their work must be receptive and tailored for an easy digestion– a packaged accessory, an accent for the pupil’s surroundings, explanatory, or representational of real-life. No viewer wants to buy a piece that challenges the way they think about art, their living room, the white walls, or their feng shui. So the controversial work is now meaningless, meaningful, restricted, free, everything, and nothing. It simply no longer exists as a commodity and finally works independently. ”