25 Hours A Day

A solo exhibition by B. Anele

On view from June 22nd to July 27th, 2018





  1. 1.

make or become different.”a proposal to change the laws”

  1. take or use another instead of.”she decided to change her name”


  1. 1. the act or instance of making or becoming different.”the change from a nomadic to an agricultural society”
  2. coins as opposed to paper currency.”a handful of loose change”

synonyms:      coins, loose/small change, silver; More


B. Anele is a Texas based trans-disciplinary artist. They are known for their fashion design brand, 8 Palms, which are all handmade, wearable sculptures. B. has shown extensively in Houston and Austin, as well as a recent exclusive pop-up with Peggy Noland in LA. B. ‘s exhibitions usually combine their paintings, self-portraits, and fashion design into a balanced body of work.